An Alternative Yet Extraordinarily Powerful Approach?
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Are You Ready For A Decisive Breakthrough Using
Your Inner Source of Peace, Healing and Empowerment
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Access Your Essence - Your True Inner Self
(Family) Constellation Therapy Uncovers and Heals Hidden Dynamics
... So That You Can Live A Freer, Happier Life
I Also Specialize in Relationship Coaching

Ready to change your life, heal, shift and transform?

If you’re ready for a breakthrough by means of an alternative, yet extraordinarily, powerful approach, you’re at the right address. I am very grateful and honored to have facilitated innumerable truly life-changing experiences through the work I do which is described in these pages.

I call myself a holistic psychotherapist and life coach for two reasons:
  • One is that I am licensed as a holistic psychotherapist in Germany. As there are certifications in alternative medicine in the USA, these also exist for psychotherapy in Germany.

  • The other, and more important, reason is because for me all forms of genuine healing involve the whole Being. What this means is that transformation and healing arises from our true nature which is our divine spirit reality within and that is Love. All forms of illness, mental/emotional and physical are ultimately caused by fear or guilt (which includes all feelings of inadequacy), or any derivatives thereof. Probably the simplest way to describe this causality is in (symbolically) vibrational terms. Illness is a phenomenon with a low vibration. Love is the highest vibration. Low vibration cannot exist in the presence of high vibration. Accessing our Essence, which is love, therefore is the most powerful and true form of healing.

By the way… in my understanding we are not beings who love, we are love. This is an extremely important distinction to make in life as a whole and particularly in the practice of psychotherapy.

You Can Receive Help With Almost Every Issue

  • Relationship difficulties including the family at large
  • Physical illnesses including cancer
  • Career problems
  • Depression, anxiety, grief, resentment, anger and discontent
  • Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence
  • Some other physical or non-physical issues

Contact Information

Douglas Economy, HPG*





318 Route 202 / 206, 2nd floor

Pluckemin, NJ  07921

(Bedminster Township)


*Licensed according to German Federal Law regulating the holistic health professions (Heilpraktikergesetz).




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