Family Entanglements

Some Examples of Energetic Burdens (Entanglements) that are Unconsciously Obtained From the Family:


The Unconscious Adoption of Another's Fate

Family members often suffer from depression because another member's fate had been kept secret (e.g. insanity) or another member had not received their rightful place in the family, (e.g. early death of a sibling including abortions and stillborns).

Following Another

Someone suffers from a fatal illness, is depressed or even suicidal because of an unconscious wish to follow a loved one who had died prematurely.

Atoning for Another

A person unconsciously pursues a burdensome career or other activity or feels stuck and disempowered in order to atone for the fate or misery of a loved one, particularly a parent.

Partnering a Parent

Children enter into an unhealthy partner role with a parent to compensate for something that is lacking in the parents' relationship.

Taking on a Parent's Burden(s)

Children often try to relieve their Parents of their burdens by taking these burdens on. Although this usually comes from a place of love, the primary motivation is to obtain their parents' love.


These are just a few examples of many more possible burdens caused by family bonds.

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