Holistic Psychotherapy / Constellation Workshops

Are you challenged by any of the following?
  • Relationship Difficulties including the Family at Large
  • Physical Illnesses including Cancer
  • Career Problems
  • Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Resentment, Anger, Discontent
  • Feeling Stuck, Having Low Self Esteem, a Lack of Self Confidence
  • Some Other Physical or Non-physical Tribulation

Such challenges can be the result of system dynamics.  The most powerful system we live in - taking center stage in constellation therapy - is the family.  That is why this work is generally known as Family Constellation Therapy. 

Organizations such as companies or clubs, communities, states, countries, ethnic groups and political parties are other examples of systems we live in that may have a profound impact on our lives.

Every part of a system is energetically connected with every other part.  This is true for the entire universe, down to sub-atomic particles yet especially true of all members of a family – across all generations. These connections are called bonds.  Most are healthy – even vital.  Often, however, they can be very detrimental.  In such cases we call them “entanglements”. → link

Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) is an extremely powerful process that helps people live freer, happier and more fulfilling lives by releasing these entanglements.

This process uses the 'knowing' or 'Morphic' field which is an energetic grid that connects all beings and has been studied and verified by Quantum Physics. 

FCT is highly regarded throughout Europe yet still in its infancy in the United States.


Here is how Constellations work:

A person addresses an issue in a group setting. Rather than having the actual relatives there, he/she sets up a 'constellation' using representatives to stand in their place.

Through the 'knowing field', these representatives experience what the actual relatives feel or experience (without this affecting the representatives personally in any negative way).

Destructive 'entanglements' are revealed. Then using the constellation, these detrimental bonds can be released and healing attained.

Because we are all interconnected, participating only as a representative and/or 'just' a group member is often as valuable as creating your own personal constellation.

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“Non-Family” Constellation Processes

Through constellation work any system can be addressed.  This includes any “life situation” such as dynamics in your work place, a business, a project, any “undertaking”.

Internal systems can also be the topic of constellations.  This means that personal realities such as ideals, goals, challenges, adversities, or even life in general can be represented.

If the issue addressed is an illness, then instead or in addition to working with family entanglements, a particularly important and very powerful constellation process is working directly with the energy dynamics between a person and their illness.

A Heightened Effectiveness

I am extremely fortunate to share with you that I can offer a level of effectiveness and sophistication in constellation work that, in all modesty, I can truly call unusual and extraordinary.  This is due to the fact that a group of highly dedicated and heart centered individuals have consistently worked with me for over five years to co-facilitate my workshops as representatives. 

This extensive amount of experience combined with exceptional talent, has forged a team of highly accomplished facilitators. Time and again, clients are deeply moved by the energy of unconditional love, connection, compassion and professionalism in which the work takes place.

Beyond Traditional Constellation Therapy – The Spiritual Dimension

In light of my understanding and experience that true healing and transformation happens through our reality as spiritual beings, I have long had a vision of bringing to the constellation process a healing and transformational potential far beyond its traditional scope. 

With the help of my team of co-facilitators, we have been on a path of evolving constellation therapy to become primarily a spiritual process of awakening, healing and transformation. We have come a long way on this path and regularly facilitate processes with extraordinary results.  

And yet, given the infinite power of our reality as spirit beings, we are at the precipice of breaking through into realms of healing and transformation that have thus far been inconceivable in public and professional awareness.  Of course, we facilitate such a process only when appropriate for both the client and the issue at hand.

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