Holistic Psychotherapy / Individual Work

Opportunities for Growth
  • We want to move forward but can't. We get stuck and we don't know why.
  • Maybe an aspect of our personality prevents us from realizing o
  • In the course of every person's life, there are transitions - times to embrace new possibilities in our relationships, profession, personal growth or spirituality. Or perhaps, a death, divorce or other tragedy has forced transition upon us.
  • Your full potential - an inner critic, saboteur or victim, for example.
  • Perhaps powerful feelings have a strong grip on us - fear, insecurity, depression, grief, sadness, resentment, anger, emptiness or discontent.
  • These seeming roadblocks are actually opportunities for life-altering, personal growth.
What is Essence?
  • Being Love, Essence is your original and true self - the part of you that is, and always has been, free of constraining behaviors, needs and feelings.
  • Being Love, Essence is an aspect of your higher self - your source of inner peace, inner healing, joy, freedom and quiet strength.
  • Accessing your essence liberates you from detrimental patterns and imprisoning feelings.
  • Being in essence means abiding in a conscious presence through which you can heal yourself and manage life in a more serene fashion.
  • From this place you can activate the potential that lies within.
What Is My Contribution?
  • The centerpiece of my work as a therapist is to facilitate your discovery of essence.
  • The environment we create together is one of nurturing presence and loving resonance.
  • Profound achievements do not always have to be difficult. The unique techniques I use are simple, highly effective and often enjoyable.
  • Although accessing essence is a never-ending and limitless process, significant breakthroughs are possible within a short period of time.

Contact Information

Douglas Economy, HPG*







318 Route 202 / 206, 2nd floor

Pluckemin, NJ  07921

(Bedminster Township)


*Licensed according to German Federal Law regulating the holistic health professions (Heilpraktikergesetz).




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