Relationship Coaching


Imagine a wonderful relationship with your partner where there is deep love, a passionate friendship with intimacy,

sharing and understanding, and essentially no conflict and only peace.


Imagine also having a peaceful, loving relationship with anyone and everyone else in the world, where there is only respect

and understanding and no negative sentiments, no matter who it is.


Imagine becoming a master in such communication skills that all conflict becomes avoidable.

Is this even possible? Too good to be true ? 

I know that this is possible.

Is it easy? No.

Yet with sufficient dedication there are means of getting there.

But isn’t conflict part of life, you might ask? 

You may have heard other coaches, therapists or counselors say that an occasional fight is part of a healthy relationship that there are “healthy / productive” fights and “unhealthy” fights.

You might also add that there are “evil” or “bad” people in the world and that we therefore have “natural enemies”.

In this coaching you will understand that relationships, as we know them, are a result of our self-image and total identification as limited human beings.

You will experience that having only loving relationships is actually our natural inheritance because we are spirit (divine) beings, who are merely having a human experience.  In other words, all our limitations are just a very powerful experience, but not our true reality.

So this coaching is about:
  • Learning to access that spirit reality, our Essence.  In this experience we realize that we are not beings who love but rather that we are Love
  • Learning how to shift your perceptions to transform negativity into love 
  • Learning the communication skills through which conflict can be transcended.  This is necessary for the interim time that it will take you to consistently access your Essence.

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Douglas Economy, HPG*





318 Route 202 / 206, 2nd floor

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*Licensed according to German Federal Law regulating the holistic health professions (Heilpraktikergesetz).




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