Our reality as spiritual beings decisively shapes all of my work.  Yet all clients and their needs are different and therefore constitute a spectrum of services required. 

On the one end, I address specific psychodynamic issues with modalities that are more psychotherapeutic in nature and are process-oriented; on the other end of the spectrum, I support clients on a more general level, helping them on their life journey, often more specifically on their spiritual path.  This I call life coaching. As a coach, I also support people in their relationships.

Both approaches can overlap so that in many cases the work is a mixture of these methods, always tailored to the needs of the client.


Contact Information

Douglas Economy, HPG*





318 Route 202 / 206, 2nd floor

Pluckemin, NJ  07921

(Bedminster Township)


*Licensed according to German Federal Law regulating the holistic health professions (Heilpraktikergesetz).




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