Testimonials For Family Constellation Workshops

"For years I've struggled with various issues rooted in my family. When I heard about Douglas' Family Constellation Workshops I decided to give it a try. It is a very powerful tool and has helped me tremendously in just one workshop. My only regret is that I did not do this any sooner. Thank you!"

"Douglas Economy created a safe and comforting space already before we started with our FCT session. The atmosphere in the room was pleasant and inviting. I never did such a therapy and was extremely nervous sharing my intimate problem with others. Douglas' warm, inviting, open and trustworthy nature calmed my anxiety and I felt truly supported. First I could not believe what I witnessed: My problem unfolding within this circle of strangers. Everything was said and moved just so effortlessly and without doubt, that my heart opened to possibilities. When I took my place I could feel inside my body the difference between how we started off and what a new healthy constellation releases inside me."

 "Douglas 's masterful guidance through Family Constellation Therapy has been a life-changing experience. Some changes were cerebral and instantaneous. Others took place (and continue to take place) over time and happen without my awareness. Now when I look back, I realize how differently my life is playing out. And, I know my spiritual journey took a giant leap forward. I will be forever grateful".

 "Participating in a Family Constellation that Douglas facilitated has been a powerful experience that helped me release a tremendous amount of guilt, anger and stress that I had carried since I was 12 years old when my parents divorced. The suppression of these feelings most likely contributed to a couple heart attacks and triple by-pass surgery. Since the constellation, I feel like a heaviness has been lifted and I my relationship with my father has greatly improved."

 "I experienced three Constellations with Douglas and each time I was in awe how every stuck story unfolded in front of our very eyes. My own Constellation was about a barrier in my relation to the Divine, to God, to Spirit - to my Essence. I could clearly see that I put up this armor because of fear of getting hurt; of not trusting-yet it was holding myself back to truly love.When the barrier was (re)moved, I felt a huge burden falling off my chest. I felt light, fearless and deeply moved when looking into the eyes of Unconditional Love."

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