Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a process that works with our so called 'sub-personalities', which any given person has.

In fact, all of us have not just one “persona” or identity; one certain set of qualities, characteristics, self-image, beliefs, agendas, objectives, etc.  To the contrary, every one of us has a multitude of personalities within our psyche.  These subpersonalities are in part the same as, and in part similar to, the different roles we are aware of that we play in our lives. 

In addition, we all have subpersonalities that we are normally not at all aware of yet who are very active within us, often dominating our thoughts and behaviors.

Typical and common to everyone are such sub-personalities as the inner child, the self-critic, the self-saboteur, the pusher, the controller, the pleaser, the over-achiever, the victim, the loser and many more. 

When one or more of these sub-personalities has grown to become very strong, possibly to the point of “running our lives”, in a way that we suffer unwanted consequences then Voice Dialogue is a very effective, powerful and fun method of creating balance in our psyche so that we can live through those aspects of our personality that constitute our strengths and talents.

The method is often quite entertaining: it teaches you how to energetically and therefore quite literally, step into and consciously be and experience any given, yet obstructive, sub-personality. 

Then you will learn how to consciously access another sub-personality that can counterbalance and therefore “dis-empower” the obstructive subpersonality. 

Thus, an inner harmony and balance is created, through which you can live a more fulfilled and empowered life.

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